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CapitalSportsPicks is a sports handicapping service that helps sports bettors build wealth using investment approach instead of gambling approach. With us you will have a better edge because tremendous amount of research goes into our dynamic handicapping model and we know everything about how lines originate and move based on situations. Unlike most handicapping services, we know exactly what to do and most of all what not to do. You can read more about us here.

Many people get into sports betting thinking that it is very easy because they follow sports on the internet and tv. What they don't know is that they will be in a deep hole by the time they realize that winning/profiting consistently in sports betting is not easy as it seems. At bettingresource, we will help you use sports betting as a successful long-term investment tool without the pitfalls of a typical gambler. Grow your bankroll and wealth without stress, frustration or wasting time. All our clients regret not joining us earlier.









Last 30 Picks

11/19 W New Orleans Pelicans   -7.5 $1000
11/19 W Kansas City Chiefs   3.5 $1000
11/18 W Jacksonville Jaguars   5 $1000
11/18 W Denver Broncos   7 $1000
11/18 W Dallas Cowboys   3 $1000
11/18 W Houston Texans   3 $1000
11/17 L USC   -3.5 -$1100
11/17 W Virginia   5 $1000
11/17 L Syracuse   10 -$1100
11/16 W Milwaukee Bucks   -13.5 $1000
11/16 W Boise State   -19.5 $1000
11/15 P Green Bay Packers   3 $0
11/15 W Denver Nuggets   -13 $1000
11/15 W Houston Rockets   -3 $1000
11/14 W Los Angeles Lakers   -2.5 $1000
11/13 W College of Charleston   -2 $1000
11/13 L Xavier   -117 -$1170
11/12 W New York Giants   3 $1000
11/12 W Utah Jazz   -145 $1000
11/12 W Philadelphia 76ers   1 $1000
11/11 W Los Angeles Chargers   -10 $1000
11/11 W Green Bay Packers   -10 $1000
11/11 L New England Patriots   -6.5 -$1100
11/11 W Cleveland Browns   5.5 $1000
11/10 W Indiana   -1.5 $1000
11/09 W Orlando Magic   3 $1000
11/08 L Golden State Warriors   -5.5 -$1100
11/07 L Cincinnati   -5.5 -$1100







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