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 Buy Basketball NBA & NCAA Picks


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 Buy Basketball NBA & NCAA Picks


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Last 30 Picks

12/11 L Villanova   -7 -$1100
12/11 W Houston Rockets   -6.5 $1000
12/10 W Seattle Seahawks   -170 $1000
12/10 W Milwaukee Bucks   -13.5 $1000
12/10 W Boston Celtics   -7.5 $1000
12/10 L Golden State Warriors   -10 -$1100
12/09 L Los Angeles Rams   -2.5 -$1100
12/09 W Indianapolis Colts   4.5 $1000
12/09 W New York Jets   4 $1000
12/08 W Louisville   4.5 $1000
12/08 W Seton Hall   7 $1000
12/07 L Detroit Pistons   3 -$1100
12/07 W San Antonio Spurs   -110 $1000
12/07 W TCU   -130 $1000
12/06 L Houston Rockets   2 -$1100
12/06 W Tennessee Titans   -230 $1000
12/05 L Atlanta Hawks   5.5 -$1100
12/05 W Toronto Raptors   -230 $1000
12/04 W Orlando Magic   2 $1000
12/04 W Sacramento Kings   -6 $1000
12/03 L Brooklyn Nets   -6.5 -$1100
12/03 W Philadelphia Eagles   -6 $1000
12/02 L Atlanta Falcons   -2 -$1100
12/02 W New England Patriots   -5 $1000
12/02 W Miami Dolphins   -3.5 $1000
12/02 W Jacksonville Jaguars   4 $1000
12/01 W Oklahoma   -9.5 $1000
12/01 W Georgia   11 $1000
11/29 L New Orleans Saints   -7 -$1100
11/28 L Miami (OH)   11 -$1100







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