"I agree totally with your thought process, you have helped me out a lot the last month.Thanks for the picks and the discipline."

- Phil E.

Toronto Canada


"I have to say thanks for your winning picks and gambling philosophy. You spoke of your gambling experience in years past and that experience is very similar to what is happening in my life as of this moment. You served as a great mentor already. Appreciated to have people like you on ym side."

- Hal

Stockton, CA


"I FINALLY GET IT.  Money management and discipline is key.. I used to play games after games, chasing when I lost,, betting more when I won only to give it all back.."

- Jesse

Henderson, NV 


"My entire outlook on gambling has changed and it's thanks to   you..  At the end of the day, my goal is to make money, but I can understand the rush of playing numerous games for action.. Those days are finally gone and it took a lot of money  to learn that lesson."

- Jim

Rockport, IL


"As close to inside information as I've seen in my 20 years in this business."  

- Suyn

Los Angeles, CA






Last 30 Picks

02/15 L Toledo   3.5 -$1100
02/15 W Harvard   2 $1000
02/14 W Furman   -4 $1000
02/14 W Utah   -3.5 $1000
02/14 L Santa Clara   10.5 -$1100
02/13 L Dallas Mavericks   -2.5 -$1100
02/13 L Toronto Raptors   -11 -$1100
02/12 W Louisville   8 $1000
02/12 L Wisconsin   1 -$1100
02/11 W Kansas   2.5 $1000
02/11 W Virginia   -1.5 $1000
02/11 L Charlotte Hornets   5 -$1100
02/10 W Ohio State   -2 $1000
02/10 W Orlando Magic   -2 $1000
02/09 L St Johns   -6 -$1100
02/09 W Miami Ohio   -5.5 $1000
02/08 L Detroit Pistons   -8.5 -$1100
02/08 W Miami Heat   2.5 $1000
02/07 L Central Florida   2 -$1100
02/07 W Cincinnati   -3 $1000
02/06 W Golden State Warriors   -16 $1000
02/06 W Miami   3 $1000
02/05 W Stetson   22 $1000
02/05 W Illinois   10 $1000
02/04 L Washington Wizards   -6 -$1100
02/03 W New England Patriots   -2.5 $1000
02/02 W Duke   -17 $1000
02/02 L Miami Heat   -2 -$1100
02/02 L Brooklyn Nets   2.5 -$1100
02/01 W Charlotte Hornets   -6 $1000







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