CapitalSportsPicks is a sports handicapping service that helps sports bettors build wealth with an investors approach instead of a gamblers approach. We started as a free email group that shared personal bets to others in 2004. Our picks was very successful and we received many unsolicited donations.

In late 2006 when USA government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, many aspects of online betting changed and it mostly affected nettors like us who made a living from sports betting. Soon after, we turned our free email group into a subscription based service by launching on Jan 2007.

CapitalSportsPicks maintains a low profile by working mostly with its long term returning clients

Why Join Us? 

  • Grow your bankroll and build wealth
  • Save time to spend on important things like family, friends and yourself
  • Avoid Stress and frustration

We are considered the best in the industry because our picks consistently win long-term and they are always on major markets with high betting limits and good odds. Key to our success is our former experience in line-making and our current sources in major books that helps us expertly analyze opening lines and line moves. Armed with these advantages, we are able to handicap the situation of each match up by looking past the obvious.

Many handicappers and bettors fail because they don't have the ability or resources to look past the obvious but with us you will not have that problem. Unlike most handicapping services, we know exactly what to do and most of all what not to do.


Money Management

We recommend straight betting / flat betting a specific and pre-determined percentage of your bankroll. This is very important. Having the discipline to flat bet day after day will make or break most everybody NO exceptions, no wild betting sprees off a big winning weekend or chasing to win back all the losses from a bad week in a single day. There isn't anyone reading this who hasn't seen a game that they absolutely loved - a sure winner. The temptation is to load up on this "sure winner." The reality is that when a $50 bettor places a $500 wager on a game, it's no more likely to win than any other game that the same bettor puts $50 on. The goal is always the same: If you can pick more winners than losers, you should show a profit.

The term for this kind of betting pattern is 'grinding'. We're not looking for the big score. Sure, there's someone somewhere who hits a seven team parlay every week, and there's someone else who risks his or her entire bankroll on a single play and wins that bet. But there are many more who don't have that kind of success, and those that do cannot sustain that 'luck' over the long term. Eventually, they'll return everything they've won and more. The grinders method is much less volatile and much more likely to achieve positive results over the course of a single season, or many, many years.

The bottom line is: don't look for the quick score, because that's when the odds are against you. Professional bettors including ourselves don't look for the 6-0 weekend. Rather, our goal is more like a 12 - 8 week, that coveted 60% winners to losers ratio. A $110 bettor who goes 12-8 for a week will return $320 on a total investment of $2200 for the week, about a 15% return. Ask any stock investor if they'd be happy with a 15% return for a week, and the answer is universally 'YES'. If you can average that kind of return over the long term, and it is quite possible to do so, you'll be betting and winning on sports for years to come, and enjoying the profits from your sports betting investment. Small, steady, regular profit over the long term can only be achieved with a solid money management system such as this one. Remember, be PATIENT, stay DISCIPLINED, and with our picks and money management, you will watch your bankroll grow to unimaginable levels. 






Last 30 Picks

04/18 W Detroit Tigers   -102 $1000
04/18 L Minnesota Twins   -1.5 -$1100
04/16 W New York Yankees   -1.5 $1000
04/16 W Denver Nuggets   -7 $1000
04/16 W Tampa Bay Rays   -240 $1000
04/16 W Colorado Rockies   -105 $1000
04/15 W Philadelphia 76ers   -8 $1000
04/15 L Golden State Warriors   -13.5 -$1100
04/14 W Boston Celtics   -315 $1000
04/14 W Portland Trail Blazers   -3.5 $1000
04/14 L Utah Jazz   6 -$1100
04/14 W New York Yankees   -205 $1000
04/13 W Orlando Magic   9.5 $1000
04/13 W Brooklyn Nets   7.5 $1000
03/30 L Gonzaga   -202 -$2020
03/30 W Virginia   -205 $1000
03/29 W Auburn   5.5 $1000
03/29 L Duke   -7 -$1100
03/28 W Oregon   8.5 $1000
03/28 L Tennessee   -1.5 -$1100
03/27 L Phoenix Suns   2 -$1100
03/27 W Coastal Carolina   7.5 $1000
03/26 L Miami Heat   -5.5 -$1100
03/26 L Indiana   -4.5 -$1100
03/24 W Iowa   8 $1000
03/24 W North Carolina   -11 $1000
03/24 L Duke   -13.5 -$1100
03/22 W Oregon   2 $1000
03/22 L Kansas State   -4.5 -$1100
03/22 L Cincinnati   -185 -$1850







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